For your brand to stand out from the competition in a meaningful way, it needs to have a clear, compelling and distinctive identity. Our branding services include...

  • TARGET IDENTIFICATION - Determining your primary audience(s): who they are, where they are located, how they're connected to your cause. We then create a written and visual portrait of their lifestyles, attitudes and interests.
  • COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS - Assessing the unmet needs and growing trends impacting your market, along with competitive strengths and vulnerabilities, based on a thorough review of available research or a custom study.
  • BRAND POSITIONING - Crafting a brand brief, along with a 'why' statement that conveys your organization's unique contribution and impact. We typically do this in a workshop setting, together with you and your team.
  • LOGO AND WEB DESIGN - Translating your brand positioning into clean, simple and appealing visual imagery that speaks to your target.



Identified the most likely target audience(s) for a variety of older adult services across a large metropolitan area over the next decade.




Determined the values and perceptions that uniquely differentiate one children's educational programming brand from those of its key competitors.